Pat Crandles

Pat says

"I avoid Shawn and Dave"

Pat CrandlesHost

Bio? Naw man, I only like sex with girls. Oh, wait…biography…I get it.  Well, I’m a camera guy for a Canadian television station; but my podcast career began when two morons begged and pleaded me to help them start an Internet radio show.  I responded with, “Oh you mean a podcast.”  After I avoided them for months I saw them drunk one night at a bar and they gave me a bunch of money and drugs in exchange for my help.  When I realized they were useless without my creative and technical skills, I started to feel sorry for them.  My kind-heart and well upbringing forced me to put my ego away and continue to help these idiots with their podcast.  Plus, I had Dave and Page unwillingly sign a contract that gives me 100% ownership of the name and all profits 2 guys 1 Page will unlikely make.

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